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Do You Want to Buy a Home?
...Just Follow These 4 Easy Steps:
bulletStep 1: Determine your price segment:

If you already know how much you want to spend on a home. You can move-on to the next step.

If you are not sure how much you want to spend on a home, a good place to start is the Home Affordability Calculator. This quick exercise will allow you to estimate the maximum price you qualify to purchase.  Remember this is just an estimate and you should contact a qualified lender to determine what loan you can actually qualify for.
bulletStep 2: Contact Doug Campbell, REALTOR

Some homes sell before or right after they are entered into the MLS.  Doug Campbell may have an upcoming listing, and/or know of  “unlisted” homes, which may meet your needs.

A call to Doug Campbell at 623-261-6198 will help ensure that you do not miss anything and improve your home searches.
bulletStep 3: Looking at Homes

There are two ways to start looking at homes:

1) See the home inside and out on the first visit:

If you already know the neighborhood, or if time is not a concern, call Doug Campbell at 623-261-6198.

2) Drive-by First, then call us to see inside:

If you are still learning about neighborhoods, sometimes it is a good idea to use the “Drive-By First” method. This way you can avoid wasting time looking inside of homes, which are not in neighborhoods you like.

4 Points to Remember when Looking at Homes

Point 1: Do not call the Listing (seller’s) Agent when you want to see the interior of a home. The Listing Agent CANNOT legally give you the same fiduciary care and service as your “Buyer’s Agent”.

Point 2: If you go into an “Open House”, let the Listing Agent know that Doug Campbell is your Buyer’s Agent. A reputable Listing (seller’s) Agent will appreciate your honesty. Warning: Some Listing Agents may try to convince you that you do not need a Buyer’s Agent.

Point 3: If you buy a home directly from the Listing Agent, you do not save money. Instead, the Listing Agent usually earns a larger commission (often a “double” commission).

Point 4: Some buyers are fortunate enough to find a home that meets their needs in only a few days… for others it takes several weeks. If you do not find something within a few weeks, keep looking. Consider how you might be more flexible, and try to remain patient. Eventually you will find a special home, and when you do it is time to move onto the next important step.

bulletStep 4: Offer, Acceptance, Escrow, & Closing

OK, you found a property you like. Before you can call the property “your home”, you must make an acceptable offer to the seller and complete a multitude of tasks culminating in the escrow closing.

During this final step, Doug Campbell, be at your side all the way. We will provide sales comparables (to help you decide on a price), draft all of the documents, and coordinate the inspection, disclosures, and escrow closing.

Doug Campbell will make sure you understand the process, and we will work diligently to ensure everything comes together for an on-time closing.
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