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Please contact us if you would like to receive emails of homes for sale in Anthem that meet your needs.  How we serve you better:
bulletFirst, we work with you to determine your needs.
bulletSecond, we email you only the homes that are worth your time looking at.  We take the work out of searching the MLS and separate the good deals from the over-priced and least desirable (unfortunately the MLS contains incomplete and erroneous data).  We verify each listing before we email it to you; we ask ourselves the following questions for each listing after determining your needs:
bulletDoes the home face the direction You want?
bulletDoes the home have the view You want?
bulletDoes the home have the floor plan You want?
bulletDoes the home have the interior upgrades You want?
bulletDoes the home have the exterior features You want?
bulletWhat is the current market value relative to the list price?

If you are looking for a REALTOR that takes the time to help determine the home that meets your needs and finds the best priced homes that are possibilities for you then please contact us.

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