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The Steps to a Successful Home Sale


bulletStep 1: Consult with Doug Campbell, REALTOR

There are many factors affecting the value of your property and the optimal time to sell it. The location, features, property condition, market segment conditions, school enrollment deadlines, property tax issues, and income tax consequences are among the factors, which should be considered before selecting a “list price”.

Our goal is to help you: Get “top dollar” for your property, meet important moving deadlines, and avoid (tax, marketing, and legal) mistakes.

If you are considering a home sale, we would be happy to sit down with you to answer your questions and help you with the planning.

Please call (623) 261-6198 to schedule a Free, No-Obligation consultation.
bulletStep 2: Determining the List Price

If you decide you want to sell, we will inspect your home, prepare a Competitive Market Analysis, and give you a written “List Price” recommendation.

Pricing a home to get “top dollar” is both an art and a science. Identifying the optimal list price is achieved by balancing objective research into comparable sales, along with the subjective “emotion” of the property as it compares to other available homes within your market segment. The optimal list price for a home should:
bulletAttract qualified buyers (within 3 weeks or less)
bulletAllow the Seller to Net the most money possible
bulletResult in a sale before the average "days on market"
for your price segment

The simple fact is: Price is the Number One factor that most homebuyers use to determine which homes they want to view. And it's important to remember, that although you set the price, the buyer determines the value of the home.

Important Tip: Overpricing is a common mistake that will cost you in the end.  Do not allow your enthusiasm to get a high price impact your better judgment.  What really matters is how your home stacks up against other homes currently offered for sale and recently sold in your neighborhood.

Make No Mistake: Overpriced homes take longer to sell and buyers do not offer full price on homes which have been on the market a long time. Many buyers think there is something “wrong” with a home if it remains unsold after only one month on the market.

bulletStep 3: Sign the Listing Agreement

The next step is to sign the listing agreement.  Ideally, we sign the listing agreement at least seven to ten days before the marketing of your home begins.  These precious days allow us to photograph the home, prepare brochures, and send out mailings in advance.  The result is more activity, more excitement, and (when all goes as planned) the creation of a competitive bidding environment where buyers fear losing the property to another bidder!
bulletStep 4: Preparing the Home for Sale

"First Impressions are Lasting Impressions".  Except for over-pricing your home, the biggest marketing mistake we can make is rushing buyers and agents to your home before it is ready to be shown.

Here are some important things you can do to improve the first impression of your home while Doug Campbell, REALTOR, is preparing the marketing brochure.

The exterior home often determines how buyers will view the interior, so:
bulletMake sure your front entrance is clean and inviting
bulletPaint your front door if it's faded or worn
bulletMake sure the front door lockset is both beautiful and functional
bulletClean the windows and replace damaged window screens
bulletPaint to trim and any other outside features showing signs of wear
bulletTrim trees and plant flowers where they will be visible from the curb

"Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep", so:
bulletOrganize the kitchen counters & cabinets.
bulletRemove excess items, pots/pans, canned goods
bulletRemove faded wallpaper and glue any areas that have come away from the wall.
bulletConsider repainting interior walls in a neutral color if necessary
bulletClean and deodorize the carpet.
bulletConsider replacing carpet with neutral color it if necessary
bulletRepair loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers, broken light switches, electrical sockets, and other minor flaws which might distract buyers.
bulletCheck plumbing in the kitchen and bathrooms… Fix drips. Clean hard water deposits.

"Accentuate the Positive". Try to see your home with a fresh perspective and arrange each room to bring out its best attributes, including:
bulletOpen draperies and curtains to let the light in during the showing
bulletRemove all unnecessary clutter from your closets to better display spaciousness (consider storage or a Garage Sale to dispose of extraneous items)
bulletArrange all your rooms neatly and remove excess furniture
bulletKeep fresh, clean towels in the bathrooms
bulletUse candles or air fresheners to make the rooms smell pleasant

Put Your Home in the "Best Possible Light". Strategically lighting your home, even during daytime showings, can highlight positive attributes of each room:
bulletLight and bright is our goal. Increasing light bulb wattage if possible can be helpful.
bulletDark paint/wallpaper, dark carpets/rugs, and dark window coverings will make rooms look smaller and should be avoided if possible.
bulletCozy fireplaces burning are great to make a home feel warm in the winter. Breezes from open windows or air conditioning makes a home feel cool in the summer.

This is just a general list of suggestions. For specific suggestions for your home call Doug Campbell, REALTOR at (623) 261-6198.

bulletStep 5: Implement the Marketing Plan

Next, Doug Campbell, REALTOR, will implement a marketing plan designed specifically for your home, including:
bulletFor Sale Sign
bulletColor Brochures
bulletWeb Site Posting
bulletNeighborhood Mailings
bulletTenant Mailings
bulletBroker Preview
bulletFlyers to Realtors
bulletVideo Tour
bulletOpen Houses

These items will be completed within days. "Anyone and Everyone" seeking to purchase a home such as yours in your neighborhood will learn about it!

To begin the marketing of your home call Doug Campbell, REALTOR at  (623) 261-6198.

bulletStep 6: Offers, Negotiations, Acceptance, Escrow Opening

If your home has been properly prepared and the marketing has had its desired effect, the excitement level will be high. Many prospective bidders will be considering your home! If there is a buyer in the marketplace looking for your home,

As your Real Estate expert, Doug Campbell, REALTOR, will help you negotiate the best possible price and terms. Once all parties have agreed on the price and terms, escrow will be opened and documents will be sent and explained to you.

To learn more, please call Doug Campbell, REALTOR at (623) 261-6198.
bulletStep 7: Disclosures, Property Inspection, Requests, Appraisal, Loan Approval, Repairs, Walk-Thru, Closing, & Possession.

Next, Doug Campbell, REALTOR, will deliver the disclosure packet to the buyer or Buyer's Agent, and the buyer will almost certainly hire a professional property inspector to identify defects and/or repair items in the home. The buyer should make a reasonable list of items for repair. Doug Campbell, REALTOR, will negotiate with the buyer or buyer's agent based upon your instructions.  Unless the home was sold as a "fixer upper" we can say, as general rule the buyer will expect all major systems in the home to be in working order. The roof and plumbing should be free of leaks, electrical should be to code, appliances, furnace, windows, and door locks should all function safely.

Once the buyer has completed the inspections, Doug Campbell, REALTOR, will work to remove the contingencies are removed in writing in a timely fashion.
bulletProvide sales data to the appraiser (if accepted)
bulletFollow-up with the lender
bulletUpdate you on the expected closing date
bulletCoordinate any necessary repairs found during inspection
bulletCoordinate the walk-thru date & meet with the buyer
bulletCommunicate the closing
bulletCoordinate possession date
bulletDeliver keys to buyer

For more details, please call (623) 261-6198



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